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Kip’s Processing

For starters…I was very fortunate to grow up in a family who loved the outdoors, specifically hunting and fishing, thanks Mom and Dad!

After high school I attended college for Computer Science during the day. In the evenings and on the weekends I worked part time at the local butcher shop. They started me off cleaning up, but I drove the meat cutters crazy with all the questions I had everyday about the meat industry. They had no choice but to make me an apprentice and teach me the trade. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized my trainers were some of the best in the industry, they were tough and relentless but it was worth it. That’s when I knew my future would be in the meat industry for the rest of my life.

I learned all I could during my training and became a full time journeyman meat cutter. I continued to work at the local meat market until one day, my manager told me that I needed to get more experience in higher volume stores. At age 22, I got a job as a cutter for a regional grocery chain. That’s also right around the time my Dad and I decided to start our own deer processing operation. It seemed like the next logical step at the time…and we loved it.

At that time (1976) we charged just $17 to cut, wrap & freeze your deer!

My professional career in the meat business continued to grow as well. A few years later I was the Meat Coordinator for the largest group of Wholesalers in the Country responsible for improving retail sales and profitability. This position gave me the opportunity to once again further my education in the meat industry.

I attended meat science classes at Wisconsin State University for sausage making and smoked meats.

In 2004, I became the Regional Field Specialist for the 2nd largest beef producer and 4th largest pork producer in the World. Also during this time I attended the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park.

At the same time Kip’s Deer Processing continued to grow over the years, primarily due to a few basic rules that my original trainers taught me early on – always maintain a clean shop, produce consistent quality product and deliver great customer service.

Today we are a USDA approved facility with plenty of cooler and freezer space, totally dedicated to handling your deer correctly and safely. The basic cut of steaks, chops, roasts and ground meat is almost an order of the past. We now specialize in cutting each deer as our customer desires (rack of Venison, rolled boneless roast, marinated steaks, stir fry and stew meat for canning) are the norm now-a-days. We found that the secret to repeat business is to help our customers utilize their deer completely. If our hunters wife’s and kid’s look forward to eating venison, that means more time in the woods for the hunter. One of our customers said, “Our smoked products are so good, it made him want to hunt harder”.

Thank you for choosing Kip’s Processing!  

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